Monday, May 28, 2012

Time For Some Snacks!

Well, I figure the first post of a new blog should always be a welcome to all my potential readers as well as to discuss what I hope to talk about. Of course with a blog name like Snacker Pro I'm sure you can guess what I'm going to be talking about. Snacks and snacking! Yep, everyone's favorite thing if they want to admit it or not, especially mine hence the "pro" part in Snacker pro. May not be proud of it but I do think I snack a lot... and not always on one type of snack. I am not discriminatory when it comes to snacks. Junk food snacks, healthy snacks, chocolate snacks, salty snacks. I will eat them all. And for your reading pleasure I'll review them all!

Now, my online moniker is Kingmush and I feel I have some experience with blogging and writing reviews. I have made and maintained plenty of blogs but only really proud and have had one successful blog, which I still maintain quite regularly (if you can call three posts a day on average regularly) called FlashMush Reviews where I review free online flash games. I just mention that as it shows I'm not just some average joe you're trusting with your snacking knowledge but rather a seasoned online reviewing expert!

Anyways, I hope in the upcoming posts you'll enjoy my reviews and maybe I can swing your mind on trying some snacks!


  1. MMmm Can't wait to see all the different snacks. I really love your Flash game reviews. I stumbled upon it before in a Google search and I didn't even know it was a blog so I didn't subscribe or leave a comment or anything but it's a great site! It's way better than sifting through the really horrible joke flash games. Thanks!

    1. =p Thanks! Always glad to hear of a fan. Hope to get this blog up and running and as successful as FlashMush Reviews.