Thursday, May 31, 2012

REVIEW: Hawaiian Punch Fruit Juicy Red 10 Ounce Bottles

hawaiian punch 10 ounce bottles

As summer comes rolling around so does the heat, temperatures are already soaring over 90 degrees where I'm at which is breaking early records. Summer also means school is out for all the little kiddies around the country and as they run wild in the neighborhood streets you know they are going to get thirsty and what drink has been a staple for childhood thirst for decades? Hawaiian Punch is what!

Well, the creators of Hawaiian Punch (Dr. Pepper/Seven Up Inc.) have recently come out with a more lunch box friendly version of their delicious product by making 10 ounce bottles. These bottles are perfect to fit in the back corner of your fridge so they get chilly without taking up too much space and then popping one in your kid's lunch box for his on the go life.

Now personally I haven't had Hawaiian Punch in a long time but had these lying around for some reason and decided to give them a try and thus review them. Now I have the "original" Hawaiian Punch flavor being fruit juicy red but a quick glance at the Hawaiian Punch official website shows they have other flavors in these 10 ounce minis such as lemon berry squeeze, green berry rush and polar blast. Now not sure what polar blast is but sounds exciting.  Also for you healthy snackers out there who like their healthy snacks, I'm sure you'll be glad to know that these 10 ounce Hawaiian Punch bottles are only 100 calories as well as has 100% of your daily value for Vitamin C! Perfect for the healthy concise mother or snacker. Although it does only contain 5% real fruit juice which is disappointing.

hawaiian punch 10 ounce bottles

Again, haven't had Hawaiian Punch in a long time but from what I tasted it tasted like I remember. Although maybe that means I never really liked Hawaiian Punch or am too old for it. I know that excuse seems silly but it is mainly marketed towards kids.It just tasted...watered down. No real flavor aside from getting the job of quenching someones thirst done. Also tastes slightly carbonated which not sure the reason for that.

Final Tally 

Item: Hawaiian Punch 10 ounce bottles (Fruit Juicy Red)
Cost: N/A
Taste: 6 out of 10
Pros: Convenient size for lunch boxes and good portion for kids, 100 calories and 100% of daily value of vitamin C.
Cons: Not all that tasty to me.



Tuesday, May 29, 2012

REVIEW: Bahlsen Hit Cookies with Vanilla Cream Filling

I went browsing in my local grocery story today looking for snack products to review and found these cookies; Bahlsen Hit. I bought the ones with vanilla cream filling as that is all they had although a quick inventory search online shows that the company, Bahlsen, a German company known for making various cookies (or biscuits as they call them supposedly) does make the Hit cookies with chocolate filling.

A camera crew should have been around to watch me struggle with the packaging of these Hit cookies as it was that hilarious for others and sad for me but I'm sure other potential customers would have the same dilemma as I did. As you can see from the picture the packaging is weird, it's not in a rectangular sleeve like most cookies but rather a cylindrical package. This provided me with a great challenge. I at first tried to open the package from the top like a bag of chips. Right away I could hear that I was crunching the cookies trapped inside. After a few more attempts of this I wandering all the way to my kitchen to get a utensil to open it. With the package finally open I could survey my damage, and yes I crushed the first top Hit cookie to smithereens... Here is where the package got even more frustrating. Under the blue plastic layer is another cylinder of light cardboard making it hard to grab the cookies from inside. All in all I finally did manage to get to the cookies but not after crushing a few and making a huge mess of crumbs all over me and the floor.

So how did these Bahlsen Hit cookies taste? Interesting is one way to put it. The cookie wafer parts themselves were very dry...hence why they crumbled so easily in my futile attempt to reach them, but they do have a nice flavor to them. The real pride and joy, however, comes with the cream. Once you reach that creamy center they are delicious. But are they overall worth it? Price wise I would say so. For 1.99$ you get 10 fairly large cookies which equals according to the package, five servings. Of course I could have easily ate the whole container in one go. Where I would say these Bahlsen Hit cookies aren't worth it is in the hassle of opening them. Maybe there is some easier way but due to the difficulty of opening the package as well as the dryness of the cookies themselves I would not buy these again.

Item: Bahlsen Hit with Vanilla Cream Filling
Price: 1.99$
Taste: 7.5/10
Pros: The cream filling was pretty delicious and the price is decent.
Cons: Opening the package was a nightmare and messy. Also the cookies themselves are dry and therefore prone to extreme crumbles.


wheat flour, sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oil (palm and palm kernel oil), vegetable shortening (palm oil), sweet whey powder, potato starch, low fat cocoa powder, leavening (ammonium bicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate), salt, liquid invert sugar, citric acid, artificial flavoring, skimmed milk, powdered whole egg.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Time For Some Snacks!

Well, I figure the first post of a new blog should always be a welcome to all my potential readers as well as to discuss what I hope to talk about. Of course with a blog name like Snacker Pro I'm sure you can guess what I'm going to be talking about. Snacks and snacking! Yep, everyone's favorite thing if they want to admit it or not, especially mine hence the "pro" part in Snacker pro. May not be proud of it but I do think I snack a lot... and not always on one type of snack. I am not discriminatory when it comes to snacks. Junk food snacks, healthy snacks, chocolate snacks, salty snacks. I will eat them all. And for your reading pleasure I'll review them all!

Now, my online moniker is Kingmush and I feel I have some experience with blogging and writing reviews. I have made and maintained plenty of blogs but only really proud and have had one successful blog, which I still maintain quite regularly (if you can call three posts a day on average regularly) called FlashMush Reviews where I review free online flash games. I just mention that as it shows I'm not just some average joe you're trusting with your snacking knowledge but rather a seasoned online reviewing expert!

Anyways, I hope in the upcoming posts you'll enjoy my reviews and maybe I can swing your mind on trying some snacks!